The men whisperer, The woman whisperer

Jade Pandora’s understanding of men and woman helps couples develop more exciting relationships and to communicate better with one another. In her book ‘Men speak silent a third language’, she helps women identify all the attributes they already own and to develop new skills they can explore and learn to entice their partner through mental seduction. When a women learns to understand a man’s secret language, then her true potential is within her grasp. This is the art of creating an aura of desirability around her.

Jade is a writer and researcher on woman’s issues. Sometimes called ‘The man Whisperer’. As described in her book, there is a simple explanation about the third language that men speak. The first language is the one he knows, the second is the one he thinks he knows (the language of women), and the third is the one that he secretly speaks to himself and cannot share with anyone else.