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11Jade Pandora is a writer and researcher on woman’s issues. She’s also the author of the books ‘Men speak silently a third language’ and How to Date from A-Z

She has interviewed men, women and couples, from all over the world and from all walks of life, to gain so much knowledge and experience about how to make women feel more self-confident and sensual both within themselves and within their relationships. Her teaching methods entails improving relationships and more specifically making your partner see you with different eyes.

Jade Pandora’s mission is help many women, men and couples to have a more fulfilling relationship and the only way to do this is to share her knowledge with you.





‘Architects design houses, fashion designers design clothes. She designs a new Woman.’



‘Men speak silent a third language’ is the kind of a book that will help to find your way to a man’s mind without getting lost. It will give you a glimpse inside the mind of a man and may also provide men with a glimpse inside the mind of many women. Lots of you will see yourselves in the stories Jade will share with you – they are about real people living real lives.

She has added as much information as possible and also tried to keep it very simple in order for both sexes to be able to familiarise themselves with real facts.

To raise question marks in your mind that although might look innocent, could be the cause that opens a large hole in a relationship if you ignore it.

The whole idea behind this book is to achieve awareness and to help you adopt certain personality traits when dealing with the opposite sex. This book may provoke certain women to get a wake-up call and the right guidance about how to deal with men. You will better understand all their moves and intensions.

14The reasons behind why so many women lose out. How to processed improving things by adopting a special oral mental and physical behaviour when dealing with the opposite sex. It might also help you to throw away wrong mentalities and old ideas that have been installed from incorrect information and also possibly from ignorance.

Basically within this book is where all begins and ends, whether you’re single and have a problem to form a relationship or married and wish to put some spackle into your marriage. You will be able to follow some teachings and methods to begin to understand his silent third language.

She’s located in the Sandton area in Gauteng, and working as a relationship consultant for the last five years. So far, it has been a very interesting time for her working with women, men and couples, because it gives her the opportunity to form a close and trusted relationship with them. The issues both sexes have, are basically the same. And her way of handling her clients, is to address the various issues from several angles. To give them alternative solutions through a special method, that is based on the books that she wrote. She always believes nothing is lost until you have exhausted all possibilities.