There are numerous reasons why women usually seek my help.
It varies between men issues, or simply the need to find and improve that missing “something” that makes up the very essence of a woman.
Most times I need to start with the inner-self, because this is where most problems lie.
Unsolved issues in past relationships, personality disorders, family up-bringing and environment, are just but a few aspects that may drastically influence failure in intimate relationships. These need to be dealt with, so as to resolve and avoid such problems.

And that is one of the things I do best for those who seek my help.

Just recently I received a moving letter of gratitude from a client who started off by seeking help with her intimate relationship. But it naturally developed into a somewhat broader aspect of her life which went straight to the heart of the problem. Her inner-self. Her letter of appreciation solidified my belief that the most important aspect of the success or failure of one’s intimate relationship, stems directly from a well-balanced inner-self.
In her case, we came to a mutual consensus that one of her major problems was the insecurity she felt towards other women. This threw her somewhat off balance, and drastically affected her inner-self, her self-confidence & her self-esteem to the extent of actually bringing out, even though subconsciously, envy and even jealousy. Which poison her persona.  I must say, she deserves my respect for actually admitting the issue, allowing me to assist her understand these problems and work on them to eradicate this flaw which was obviously influencing her life.

Envy and Jealousy are negative emotions that should be avoided at all costs. And finding out what is causing these negative feelings is one of the many things I will help you with. It’s unhealthy, it undermines your intimate relationship, and it prejudices you as a human being. It’s deadly poison to the mind.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so, what may be beautiful and sexy to one, is not to another… However, there are things that are not as relative as beauty and sexiness. Such as personality, charm, magnetism, charisma, things I can help you work on that will make the world of difference to you as a human being, your intimate relationship, as well as your relationship with all around you.

Contact me if you would like me to help you change and better your inter-relationships.