Infidelity is the cause of 75% of divorces.
When you least expect it, someone pulls the rug from under your feet.
For many women, it is inconceivable to believe that out of nowhere suddenly, they’ve ended up as one of those women whose husbands have cheated on them. Especially those that believed that had the best marriage until then. Because their spouse seemed loyal and committed to them.

It is very understandable for a woman to feel confused and hurt with the question of, ‘How could he did this to me and be so disrespectful’’.
Some men do it for the thrill of the chase & boost their ego. To prove that they can still attract the opposite sex, while others maybe because something is missing within the marriage.
Throughout my research I came in contact with couples and separately with the opposite sex who happened to have lived through a cheating incident. Some women said that the reason behind it was because they felt that something missing from their relationship. While others said they thought that they were deceived because their partner had a problem with his ego.

In one case a woman in her late 50’s told me, that she felt confused why her husband, who was close to her age, cheated on her with a woman four years older. Instead someone younger than her.  That she would have understood the reasons behind his deceiving act with someone younger, because she believed that her beauty had worn out and no longer attracted him.

In my book ‘Men speak silent a third language’ I clearly explain all the reasons that make a man cheat in his marriage. But also why some cheat on their wives with one younger, or older than their spouse. Each man who cheats on his spouse does it for different reasons when it is related to age.  Let’s say a younger woman makes an older man look more important in the eyes of other men. Like a kind of achievement. In many cases she is a trophy to show off.  I won’t fail to add, that are other reasons that motivate a man to go for a younger woman regardless of his financial status, or how old he is.  A young person reminds them of their lost youth and helps a man to revive this era but also his libido.

Ιn the case that a man has formed a relationship with mature woman, the reasons and the causes are much deeper. Maybe he wants a more loving relationship than he had with his wife, sexual compatibility, support, understanding, etc.

The point I am trying to make is that there is always a reason behind an act, and there are ways to prevent it or to fix it, in case you are currently in this situation.