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Full workshop courses: 
These sessions are once a week running over a period of 4 weeks and covers marriage or relationship issues. During this course emerges a brand new woman.
Workshops are minimum of 10 people and each session lasts 2 hours.

Single workshop sessions  for Women, Men and Couples:
These workshops are called Q&A’s and are a unique discussion group for couples or individuals. It covers any questions you may have about marriage-relationships-men- women. These groups will help you to speak about different issues that cause misunderstandings between a man and a woman. Sometimes when we have a problem we do not know whom to turn to and whom to trust and if we do we can’t be sure we are getting the correct advice. Groups are fun and  also gives everyone an opportunity to hear from each other about issues that the opposite sex have with one another.
Workshops are for a minimum of 10 people and last for 2 hours.

Single ladies learn How to Date and play a Player:
The art of dating  and how to master the dating game . The content and examples are very helpful to guide you through the dating process. Many articles have been written about dating but we examine the real reasons that men leave women even after the first date.  Finding a man is the easiest thing until he slips through your fingers. This course will make you see men from a different perspective and will give you an eye opening experience as to why there are so many unsuccessful dates.
One off session lasts 3-4 hours.

Workshops are booked subject to demand and availability. Bookings are essential.

Private sessions one to one:
One to one private sessions allows me and my client to talk about sensitive issues that cannot be discussed amongst  others.  Duration  of course can be flexible to suite clients schedule.
2 hours per session.

Couples private sessions:
Couples sessions are in high demand which is why I work on weekends too. I spend time analysing various problems that a couple are facing and guide them with many solutions and methods. What I offer is something completely different than going to see a marriage consultant.
2 hours per session.

I offer personal shopping services. Many times while helping to make some internal changes, also required to make some external changes to complete a new woman.

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Class Responses

Hi Jade.
I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything.
I have really learnt so much from you in these past few sessions.
I know its going to take me a while, but I’m already starting to apply what you have shared with me so far, and am conscious of what I’m doing.
Thank you so much :)


Hi Jade.
You revive my dead senses. My husband and I will be forever grateful to you. Your couple sessions are great.
Diane. xxx


Hi Jade
Thank you for hosting us last night it was awesome. There so many mistakes we women do with men and defiantly from now on I’m going to be a different woman to my man . Thanks a mill, have a super weekend.
Love, Sarah


Hi Jade,
Thanks for last night, you are such an amazing inspiring woman! I just love the sense you make of men.


Last night was the beginning of our first workshop and the ladies absolutely loved it. She is well worth your time and investment. Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, M


Hi Jade,
You were excellent last night. I loved the 3rd class so exciting and  intriguing.


Hi Jade
You have become a legend over night .


Hi Jade
How to Date& How to Play a Playa private one to one was really amazing.  Your methods and suggestions makes so much sense. We women are controlled by the heart, when we suppose to use our minds., like men do. One thing I will never forget is ‘ Don’t confuse love and sex’
You are absolutely brilliant.
Wishing good luck with your teaching.
Thank you
Take care


Hi Jade
I never thought that after 2 unhappy relationships I will find my confidence and self-esteem again. When I came to you I was broken and had no direction in life. You gave me back my love for life.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
God bless you


Hi Jade,
I have spend most of my adult life thinking men are the enemies.. Your methods and tactics showed to me that men aren’t the enemies, but it’s us women who don’t know how to handle men. I wish your voice to be heard out there loud and with a bang!!!
love S,
One of you most faithful clients


Hi Jade
I truly appreciate all your help you gave me about men. I value every single hour I spend in your presence. There is no way  words by itself can express my gratitude to you. You challenged me to the fullest and you are an inspiration not only to me but to all women. You are my mentor.
Love Kate.


Hi Jade,
Just to let you know how much I respect and admire you as a woman.  I have learned a great deal from you observing your skills you have with men. Even though you are incredibly busy you have never denied me help even after hours.
God bless you


Hi Jade green eyes.
You have given me guidance and advice  about men. I never imagined that my professional life and success was the barrier that stopped me to have a good relationship with men. I wish I had known you from before.I have wasted a great amount of money going for therapy. As you told me men aren’t afraid of successful women but the image they give out there. I highly recommend your course.


Hi Jade,
Thank you for saving my marriage. My husband loves you. He told me to tell you that for the first time in his life likes ”home work”
Couples sessions with you are fun.
Warm regards