Some women might not understand the depth that hides in this question, because they are simply happy to wear his ring on their fingers. Mission accomplished.
They are so dedicated to making him put a ring on their finger, that forget something very basic in this effort.
That once ring is on, the hardest work has only just begun. Because now you have to sustain the marriage and keep it intact, instead of just being there.

Many women think that, as long there is love and understanding, their marriage will be untouched with the passage of time. Because it has enough support to last for ever.
I will give you an example to grasp what lies behind this statement and where many women get it wrong by having this ideology.
Let’s say you have enough money to open your own business, and until then you were just working for someone else.
You believe that your dedication and hard work will make the business successful.
But in this effort, you soon discover, that there are many other factors that you need to make your business a success which you were unaware of until then.
Management skills, talent, strategy, execution, structure, and innovation to develop new products and services in order to keep up with the competitors.

Many people own a business that isn’t doing well. And the problem is that because they have invested a lot of funds in their business, they continue (even with very little profit) only in oder to support the idea that they still want to occupy the role of being the boss.
The point I’m trying to make, is that marriage is like a business. If you don’t have all the other factors to support it, it will fail.
Many women are just being there, because they want to keep the ring on their finger.

Behind every successful business there is a formula that needs to be applied to make a business a success. It’s the same with marriage. There is deep psychology that underpins the thinking of a man and his behaviour, and I hold this formula in my hands.
I laugh when I read so many articles which suggest things that have no base or depth. I call them superficial and cheesy.
This is why I wrote my book ‘Men speak silent a third language’.

To help you change from just being there, to being the woman in his life.