During my lectures, some women misunderstand the true meaning of the word whisper.
Most commonly, they are led to believe that ‘whispering’ to a man, has to do with the kind of tone a woman should use to speak to a man. But there is another meaning altogether. And in such occasions, I’m given the opportunity to explain both interpretations, because they are of equal importance.

Often I come across women whose voices are piercing and harsh when they talk. And I find it quite funny to watch how badly some men react with a woman who has a such high pitched voice, compared to a woman with a lower pitched one.
Conversely, I once heard a man saying, that when his girlfriend speaks to him, her voice is like a caress in his ears.

So work on different tones from low pitches, to high ones, they all need practice. Also, adopting a lower voice helps to pronounce the words clearer, but also sounds sexy and seductive.

With this out of the way, lets concentrate on the real interpretation of ‘how to whisper to a man’.

I see it as more of an art.
A woman who is able to penetrate the mind of a man.
And she does need some skills to do it.
Skills which I teach throughout my book “Men speak a silent third language”.
The teaching has a certain approach which requires a deeper understanding of men.
But in short, it has to do with the way most men find it difficult to express themselves.
Just because men have this difficulty, it doesn’t mean that they don’t exhibit certain signs of what they are unable to say.
They do exhibit signs, and many times, women usually overlook or pretend that they haven’t seen them for various reasons.
So true whispering is based on learning these signs.

The signs vary from one man to the other and need to be taken into consideration because it will lead you to notice any kind of behaviour change.
It all depends on how well you know him, and how he was accustomed to behave with you in the past.
For example, many exhibit a passive behaviour that reminds us of someone who is depressed and may be very agreeable to everything you say or do. A feeling of fear that radiates throughout his face, his lack concentration when you speak to him, his discomfort being next to you, frequent absences from home, avoiding eye contact, heavy sighs, dodging important conversations. These signs could be easily misunderstood, like thinking that he may have some extramarital affair, or that he’s thinking of doing it.
I’ve had male clients with these signs who’ve expressed that their partners simply do not understand them. And it was easy to see that the idea of replacing their existing partners had crossed their minds.

Knowing how to whisper in a man makes you special in his eyes. Because you show him that you have a special way to approach him through a deeper level of understanding.