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LADIES BE BOLD, take the driver’s seat in your relationship!2

Precede with evaluation: Evaluate your relationship, as you would evaluate your most precious possessions.

For the last five years and based on the contents both my books, I have dedicated my time coaching women using different mediums such as lectures, small group workshops, and even one-to-one coaching.

With my first book “Men speak silent a third language”, I attempt to assist married women and those in relationships, to identify their existing qualities and essential attributes and with that, build and develop new mental skills to assist them in enticing and arousing interest and desire with their partners.

I explore even further showing how intimacy is really a mental state, and thus, you need the right “tools” so to speak, to be able to achieve and sustain such profound intimacy. There is a myth where people tend to believe that intimacy is only manifested sexually, but the truth is far from that – in actual fact, it is precisely that which causes a loss in the spark of a relationship. This becomes even more accentuated when a couple have been together for some time, and thus also lose some or all emotional closeness.

3Various reasons contribute towards the loss both the erotic desire and emotional closeness, two of the most common being familiarity and the killer – routine. Both of these are like two uninvited guests walking into a household and eventually taking over the couple´s life. When a man loses interest in his partner, he will seek it elsewhere, finding someone that can fulfil exactly whatever seems to be missing in his effective relationship. And the only thing that could possibly prevent him from doing so, or to revert an already existing situation, is to attempt to restore his interest in his effective partner, with certain behaviour to be able to regain that lost spark that lost fascination, that curiosity, that desire that he once had with his effective partner.   And if you think a sweet, understanding and caring approach will get back the edge, the emotional closeness and intimacy, think again.


How to Date from A-Z

The content and examples in “How to date from A-Z for single ladies” will certainly guide you through this new phase of your life as well as the dating 5process which you may be going through. To give you a few examples of the topics: Where all begins-The six deadly mistakes women do- The emotional unavailable men often are misunderstood as players-Two types of players- How to determine his moves and his reactions so that your own moves and reactions do not conflict with his-Why when you think you got him, his slips through your fingers- Elements and traits that a woman should have within to arouse admiration- How to avoid to be classified as common- Common behaviour and what you need to be aware, when dealing with a man you like- Failed relationships and why they went wrong and many other topics that will help you to procced the right way.

You can compare early stages of a relationship to a movie. It has a story line, dialogue, actors, acting, directing, but no matter how good it may be, its success is greatly determined by the quality and performance of the actors, which may have many takes before it is finally edited to a final version. But unfortunately in a relationship, we don’t have the privilege of takes, you may only have one, maximum two takes. Not only that, in a relationship, both are responsible for their own script, the scenario, the story line and this is where it may all go wrong, because, if they are not in perfect synchrony, all will fail, and it would be as if they were actually working against each other.


How to Date for Men from A-Z


The questions a man needs the answers to, about women in the complexed mating game!

7I also coach and provide men with valuable information, on how to best approach the opposite sex. Help correct unsuspecting and misguided approaches when attempting to demonstrate to a woman, how much they like being with them. In actual fact the guidance I provide goes a lot deeper than that, it provides both sexes an orientation on the best approach.

Even though women have very predictable and specific behaviour in dating, it’s not so obvious to men, and so, I try to explain this behaviour in very clear terms. How she may react, when and why. Playful and flirty, arrogant, domineering, edgy, fussy, demanding, sweet, willing, illogical, incomprehensible and the list goes on. Each reaction manifested is dependent on how a man acts towards her, reactions manipulated to achieve a purpose. You may argue that a man may act in similar ways, but not so. Although his reactions may appear to be similar in terms, he does not possess the female shrewdness and Machiavellian mind of a woman.


Generally, most articles normally published on the same subject matter, approach very specific behaviour, but does so vey superficially and fails to give an overall view and hence, leaves open many unanswered questions and doubts. It’s like someone wanting to have a perfect body and limiting oneself to simply going to gym, but fails to understand that a healthy diet and habits are equally important to obtain that objective. So a man needs to understand a woman’s inner self, her psychology and not only some fancy talk to “chat her up” so to speak. He needs to start with a woman´s inner self, a man needs to do some “home-work” and then work hard to avoid sending out wrong messages, as you may send out a message that is actually not what women want hear or see, in actual fact, a man needs to understand appreciate her roots, and not simply her blossoming which is most evident to the naked eye. If that doesn’t happen, autumn arrives and he will not know how to behave.

9In most situations, either the woman or man or even both have baggage. Previous relationships may have conditioned and complicated their thinking, their reactions to the opposite sex, tainted ones image of the other and hence walls are created that need to be penetrated and demolished, preconceptions changed and hence, a man needs to better understand what makes a woman tick so to speak, and naturally vice versa . And that is what I do, coach men and women to better understand their inner self and assist in the ever intriguing “dating game” and it’s very specific language. Failing which, most relationships are unfortunately doomed to fail.