We share a joke with my daughter when we go out shopping together.
‘Oh I like this and that for inside the house’ while we’re in the department that women usually choose clothes to go out in.
When she first heard it, she was only seventeen years old and kind of looked at me with puzzled eyes. Now as an adult, she does the same as me.
Dressing nicely to go out, is a natural habit, that just about most women on this planet do.athome4
But unfortunately, many women do not give importance to their appearance and how they look around their partner while they are at home. And this is something that I observe when I’m the company of women.
‘I cannot wait to go home from work and get into my PJs.’
‘The first thing I do when I’m at home is to have a hot bath and wear something ‘warm’.
‘I like to snuggle next to my husband and watch TV while I’m covered up from head to toe with a warm blanket and thick shocks.’

These kind of comments makes my blood boil because I happen to know how men think and what they are expecting to see on their partner when they walk home. Definitely not an image from home and garden magazine.
To understand the importance of this comment, I would like to share with you, a part of my book ‘Men speak silent a third language’.athome3
All day, men come in contact with women colleagues, and some of them dress very provocatively and inappropriately for work. Let’s be honest, that nowadays, men who hold a high job in big company, employ young and sexy women as their PAs. And most affairs start inside the working environment because this is the place that men and women spend most of their time.

So imagine now, how a man surrounded with sexy images every day all day long feels like, and what kind of level his testosterone is at, when he walks home, and sees his partner dressed sloppily. And his partner reminds him of a bear gone into hibernation. His testosterone drops from 100 to zero.

athome2Many of my married or divorced clients who come to see me with marital problems say, that sex it none existant and they are hardly noticed when their partner is at home. Others catch their partners browsing porn sites in order to build up their testosterone and perform sex with their partner.

Do you really like to have someone else doing this for your partner? Don’t you rather want to be the one who raises up his testosterone?

Men and women don’t function sexually the same way. Our sexual appetites, impulses and responses are not the same. Remember that next time you jump into something ‘comfortable’ at home.