With this in mind. You are now in a position to figure out, all the excitement that lies in the  hunt.
If he wanted to eat the prey ready-made, he would go to a restaurant to get it.
So the only way to get his attention, is to let him chase you without making it easy for him or too obvious.

One thing you need to understand, is that these days things have changed, and many women try hunt down a man themselves.
It’s not that it’s bad to show him that you like him.
But you also have to let him discover on his own, how much he likes you, before you try persuade him.
The only obstacle you may encounter, is that sometimes you may come across a man that is not willing to chase his prey because he is accustomed to eat his prey ready and cooked in the dish.
This discovery came to my attention throughout my research from men i came across who match this description.
Their motto was, why bother chasing her? When there are so many women out there who are willing to be caught without any effort on our part.

This is because of women who take away the entire hunting engagement by serving themselves on a plate.
The result is, that men with this mentality, score, kill the prey and then throw it away.

There still genuine hunters out there, who will discover ways to catch their prey with many creative & subtle methods.
And what becomes most exciting, is to let him hunt you down, instead serving yourselves on a dish.